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Thousands of years ago our ancestors was visited by "The Gods" who came from the heavens to teach us. The Gods had our ancestors serve them, having them build buildings, pyramids, and statues in there's names all over the world.They came back and fore helping our ancestors to evolve, until one day they didn't. Our ancestors left pictures to tell the stories of The Gods, and to tell us that The Gods told them that one day they will returned. Mankind's was wondering when The Gods will return? What would happen when they do? And would they teach us like our ancestors or destroy us? Than on January 1, 2010, our questions was answers.The Gods have return, but they wasn't here to teach us like they did ours ancestors, they was angry that we was still alive on earth, and has evolved so far without there help that they show there wrath by sending monsters called Lunas, and Celestials to attack and killing thousands of humans, they than took all the children from a newborn to the age of 9 to never be see again.

The world armies join forces to fight back, but they weapons did nothing to the Gods. We was force into hiding, we build domes to protect us from the Gods. Gaia the goddess of earth saw what was happening to us, and was not happy about it, so she appear in front of us as a beautiful woman giving us powers and healing us. After that the people of the earth train for many of years to master there new powers, and to become stronger. Finally we have a fighting chance, the people of the earth became mages, but there was 11 mages that was more powerful then the others mages, they was called Planet earters.

The Planet eaters travel the world fighting, and protecting the others mages. The people of earth believe that the Planet eaters was the ones who would stop the Gods. Until one days the Planet eaters disappear. Now, its 2015, and some of the people of the earth gave up hope on the Planet eaters and believe that they is only a rumor, and because of this we start fighting each others. But I still have hope that the Planet eaters will return and safe us all. This is just the beginning.

After visiting her father grave to say her goodbyes, Crystal left Miami and travel north, but was stop by Keke, her best friend and rival. *Keke: Where are you going Crystal?* *Crystal: I hear there some powerful mages in the north, and I believe that they could be the group of mages called the Planet eaters, and I'm planning on join them if there are.* *Keke: Crystal there are no Planet eaters, they are just a rumor that somebody came up with to give people hope for they can keep fighting the Gods.* *Crystal: Sometimes rumors are real Keke, and I believe in this one.* *Keke: Okay, well if I can't talk you out of going than I'm coming with you.* Crystal hug Keke, and after say thanks you and both of them smile at each other, they than travel north. On the way they was attacked by small gruops of Lunas, but with thetes powers the Lunas was easily best. Crystal and Keke travel to different cities asking the people do they know anything about powerful mages to find the Planet eaters. But nobody didn't know much about any powerful mages.

Months went past, and Crystal was giving up hope on finding the Planet eaters until, they found a man laying on the ground pass out. They help the man up and gave him so water, Crystal and Keke both thought the man was cute. *Crystal: Are you okay? sir* * ???: Yeah I fine thanks you for helping me.* *Keke: What was you doing out here by yourself?* *Crystal: Keke! he don't have to tell us that, it's none of ours business what he was doing, but sir do you know anything about a group of powerful mages or a group called the Planet eaters?* He told them that the Planet eaters was not a group no more, but he do know who they are, and theres locations. *???: There are 11 of them, Hit the planet eater of weapons who is a master gunman.Ken the planet eater of puppets who can control 100 puppets at same time. Firo the planet eater of sound who can destroy a whole city by saying one word if he wanted to. Elanie the planet eater of wind who can summon 100 of hurricanes with one blow. Lena the planet eater of stone who can destroy mountains with one punch. Chaos the planet eater of explosion a walking bomb. Kat the planet eater of water who can drown a town in seconds. Lumere the planet of lightning who can power half of the world. Kanel the planet eater of lava the living volcano. Adios the planet eater of death the soul taker, and Cross the planet eater of light also known as the betrayer.

If you want to find them I will help you, but after we find them I will have to go back to work. * Crystal: Thanks you sir, my name is Crystal and this is my best friends Keke.* *Keke: Its nice to meet you sir and thanks you for helping us look for the planet eaters.* * ???: No problem you can't call me C The star hunter.* *CRYSTAL: Star hunter? what is a Star hunter?* *C : Its a mage that hunt down Celestials.* *CRYSTAL: Hunt down Celestials, they are powerful, more powerful than the Lunas you have to be a really powerful mage to hunt them.* Keke look at C and thought to herself, ( If this guy is all alone hunt celestials that make him a powerful mage, and how do he know some much about the planet earters there something he not telling us).