Bokura chu Live

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Read it to find out (・ω・)ノ

Chapter: 1: Chapu 1

Riko P.O.V-

*at field before school*

I was walking to school when I heard a crashing sound and someone yelled "OW!" Then I started going near the sound and saw someone crying.

??? P.O.V-

When I was crying I heard footsteps coming towards me. When I looked up I saw a girl and she said "are you ok?" "Y-yea..."

Riko P.O.V-

After I helped the girl get up she told me that I kitten was in a tree so she tried to get it. 'A kitty huh? Figures...' So then I started going up the tree when she called out "A-anou...what are you doing?" "What does it look like? I getting the kitty!" "But that's dangerous..." "Didn't you just do it yourself?" "U-uh..." Then I smiled at her and went back to getting the kitty. When I got close to it it bit me! It BIT me! "OW!" Then I started falling out of the tree! "SHI-" then I landed on the ground. "H-hey a-are you ok?!" "No! Anyways let's just go to class" "oh yea! We're late!" So then we ran to school and went our separate ways.

*in class*

'I wonder what happened to that girl...oh well' then the teacher came in and said "class we have a new student today" 'oh don't tell me...' "Come in!" Then the girl from earlier walked in and said "h-hi...I'm Kitsaru Chi..." 'I knew it!' Then she looked at me for a moment but then...