I Am Astrid

started by Rinsolux on Sep 08, 2015 12:40 AM

I'm only posting this story because someone wanted to read it. This is an assignment for my English class. The writing prompt was: Imagine you are Beowulf's daughter. Describe the deeds, or one deed in particular, you would use to try and match your father's fame.

This is the first fiction short story I've ever written, so it might not be good. I worked hard on this, though I did kind of rush the ending. The fighting scene is horrible, I know. Again, this is my first story. It might be kind of long. It was 3 pages front and back on paper, so yeah. Anyone is welcome to comment. Hopefully you enjoy. If you don't, I don't care.

Chapter: 1: Chapter One

I am Astrid. My father is the great Beowulf, slayer of Grendel. He is the strongest man on earth. his name is know far and wide. I plan on becoming more famous than he is and ever will be.


I wake up to the smell of fish and pork being fried. I get out of bed and walk into the kitchen. Mother greets me with a kiss.

"Good morning Astrid. Happy 18th birthday."

"Thank you." I reply kissing her back.

Right then, father comes in with my two older brothers. Back from training I'm guessing. He comes and gives me a bear hug.

"Happy birthday!" His voice is so loud that it could be heard from the next kingdom over.

"Thank you father. How was training?" I ask.

"We didn't go training. We were out looking for a suitable husband for you." My eldest brother says then laughs.

"What?!" I look at father.

"It's about time you got married Astrid." He says with a nonchalant tone and shrugs.

"But father! I don't want to get married! I want to be a warrior."

"A woman being a warrior? How absurd. It's never been heard of. Men are warriors. We are stronger. Women are better suited for house work."

Those words coming from his mouth enrage me.

"I will not become a slave to any man. I will fight in wars alongside other great warriors and gain their respect. Not only will I be a warrior, but I will be known throughout history. After people hear of the great things I've done, they'll forget you even existed."

Mother slaps me. "You will not disrespect your father like that."

"No dear." Father holds her hand and looks at me. "You think you will be as great as me.."

"Better." I correct him.

He laughs in my face and steps aside. "You talk big for a girl. Go prove yourself worthy of being called a warrior."


"Fine, I will!" I go into my room and grab everything I need. Clothes, money, and my shield and sword. I walk towards the door and look back at my family.

"You're not really leaving are you?" My brother asks.

"I'll be back soon." I open the door and leave without looking back.


For the next year, I train and train, not stopping for even a day. Each day my training gets more intense. Then when I got bored with training by myself, I went into another kingdom and found myself a nice town to settle in. I fought with all the strongest men in that town. I went town to town fighting their men. After I started kicking their asses, people bean to take notice of me.

I opened a gym and many people came to spar with me. I beat every man and woman who challenged me. Over the course of 5 years, I gained a few followers.

They accompanied me on dangerous quests, and have never left my side. They risk their lives with me daily, and I thank the Gods for them. My family.

With them, I accomplish many great things, such as killing three sea monsters, twelve giants, and four manticore. None of these were easy tasks, but in each one, we came out victorious!

Word about me and my comrades spread quickly. I've met several kings who have let me battle in war with them and given me rewards for everything I've done. Gold and land. Anything I want. I wouldn't trade this for marriage ever.


I take a walk through a mountain to think about what I could do next, when I come to a cave. I walk in a couple hundred feet when the ground starts to shake. It's too dark to see anything, so I grab my sword and prepare for the worst.

All of a sudden, candles were lit among the darkness, and I could see a dragon before me with mountains of gold and jewelry behind him.

"Who dares to wake me from my slumber?"

"It is I, Astrid."

The dragon walks around me in circles. I watch him. This is it. A dragon. If I slay this thing, surely I will surpass my father in fame.

"I've heard about you, daughter of Beowulf." He says. "Have you come to slay me so you can take all of my treasure?"

Slaying him would be too easy. But if I capture him, I'll be a legend.

"No. I am not here to slay you."

The beast grins, flashing his huge, razor sharp teeth. "Oh? Then what are you doing here?"

I point my sword at him. "I have come to tame you!" I yell at him.

He looks at me and laughs in my face, just as my father did to me. This angers me greatly.

"A woman coming into my den and challenging me. You certainly have the balls of a man." He stands before me. "I'll tell you what. If you can take 5 scales from off of me, I will be your pet."

"You swear?"

"You have my word." He slices an x on on his chest with his sharp claws. "But I won't make it easy for you."

I rush at him and swing my sword at his scales. It doesn't even make a scratch. The dragon grabs me and throws me into the wall. I jump up and run under the dragon's belly. I rip off a scale. This was no easy task. Each scale is as big as my head and weighs about 20 pounds. He roars in pain from having his scales forcibly removed.

He tries to crush me, but I from under him in enough time. Then, he inhales and breaths out a river of fire. I use my shield to protect myself, but it quickly catches fire. I throw my shield and role away from the fire. I run behind him and hop on his back.

I remove two more scales before he violently shakes me off. I land in his gold.

"No one has ever been able to take that many scales from me!" He roars.

"No one can compare to me!"

We fight in his cave for the next three hours, until I finally get the last scale. By then we are both worn out.

"I did it.. I took all 5 scales." I tell him nearly out of breath.

"It would seem so. A deal is a deal." He bows down to me. "You are worthy of being my master."


After that day, we sealed off his cave so no one could steal his treasure. We flew into town together and everyone was in such disbelief. How could I, a woman, subdue a dragon, when the other men who tired, failed?

People worshiped me and called me 'Astrid, the great dragon master.' A suitable name for someone as great as I. News spread around quick, and soon got back to father, who is know king of the Geats. He then summons me.

I fly back home in a matter of hours. I walk into my father's castle with my comrades and dragon at my side. I bow to him.

"Father." I say.

He gets up from the throne and gives me a bear hug like he did before I left.

"I am proud of you daughter. Your name will be remembered forever,, as a great warrior."

I smile. I finally got the respect from my father, and everyone else, I deserve.

I am Astrid. My father is the great Beowulf, slayer of Grendel and King of the Geats. He is the strongest man on earth. His name is known far and wide. And today, I became more famous than he is or ever will be.

And this is how the poem Beowulf became the movie How To Train Your Dragon.