KN Academy- Room 256

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Chapter: 11: The Snowy Sorrow

Grey Dovean

Grey sat looking at the clouds. His hair flowed in the wind. His eyes faded as per usual now. He thought endlessly. Elle’s return was great, but he could tell she was a bit apprehensive towards him now. He was no longer the same person. The Lightning Deity made sure of that. The second voice in his head and seemingly the most dangerous. He was the creator of the God Slayers. He sacrificed himself so that the rest of the Gods would be kept in check. A piece of his power existed in each God Slayer. Somehow he managed to gain a form inside of Grey. He was basically possessed by the most powerful God to ever exist. With this power came a seemingly lost wisdom. Grey had the knowledge of the Lightning Deity, but wasn’t able to access it manually. It was there, and Grey acted with this knowledge, but it was more instinct without reason. He felt that he didn’t actually have control of his body anymore. He wasn’t powerful enough to figure out how to regain it.

“I don’t like it when you disappear like that.” Elle said. Grey turned his head and saw her standing there in her nightgown.

“I’m sorry” He smiled weakly. She walked over and sat next to him. She put her head on his shoulder.

“Why’re you on the roof of the school?”

“It’s nice up here, you can see the sunset” The sky was a pretty orange.

“Yeah, you didn’t think I’d want to see it too?”


“You never go anywhere without your partner in crime, remember?” That brought back memories. Of her and him together. A purple lightning bolt tattoo appeared under his right eye. “Don’t cry.” She hugged him.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, crybaby” She held on tight. “We’ll get you back to normal”


“Promise.” They sat in silence until they fell asleep on the roof.

The next day they got up and rushed to the dorm to get dressed. They got to class last. It was Monday. Mission day for them. Silver was sitting on the front desk waiting.

“Well now that everyone is here, I’ll brief you, today is a simple one. The enemy is four star, He’s in plain sight, no looking, we should be able to get in and out in a few minutes.” The class stood up and rode down to Kichiro’s office. They opened a portal and walked in. On the other side they saw a small playground. It was snowing and everything was white. There was a field with a man standing there. They walked towards him. He was bundled up and had a sad look on his face.

“You’re here to kill me right?” He asked. The class stared at him. Usually their targets were powerful and cocky murderous bad guys. This guy didn’t fit that description at all. He was a seemingly meek man and he was soft spoken. “I haven’t done anything wrong..” His voice cracked, he was on the verge of tears.

“He seems genuine why’re we here?” Grey asked. The rest of the class looked sad as well. Silver kept a straight face.

“Because it’s our job Grey.” Silver said.

“Our job is to stop evil in every universe, he’s not evil, is he?”

“No he’s not, but that’s not our job.”

“Then what is it?”

“To eliminate any threat to the universes without Gifteds”


“This is a universe that doesn’t usually have Gifteds, so him being one is a threat”


“A guy who has superpowers in a world where no one else does is a threat, there’s no way to regulate him, he could toss the world into chaos”

“Do you really think this guy is gonna destroy the world?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think, rules are rules, every class has to go through this at one point.”

“So we’re just gonna kill an innocent guy?!”

“Yes.” Grey stared wide eyed at Silver.

“I can’t believe this.”

“I’m sorry, this was taught to all of us a long time ago, we should have told you earlier.”

“This is bullshit, I didn’t come to KN to kill innocent people.”

“No one did, but sadly it comes with the job” She looked at Grey. He could see that she wasn’t happy about the situation either. He looked over at the guy who was wiping tears from his eyes.

“Can it be quick, please, I don’t want to suffer.” The guy asked. Akuma began to cry. Rizz walked over and hugged her. Grey looked at his class. They all had they same sorrowful looks.

“Who can give him the quickest death?” Silver looked over at them. All their eyes slowly moved towards Grey. He realized what he had to do. He stared and the ground. His hands were shaking.

“Of course… me” a gray and purple lightning bolt tattoo appeared under his right and left eyes. He looked up at the man with a woebegone expression. He had to do it. If not his one of the others would crush, pummel, or shoot the guy.

“It’s ok, I’ve lived a happy life, I’m ready.” The guy wiped another tear away. Grey walked over and put his index finger over the guy’s heart.

“I’m so sorry..” A small bolt of lightning ran through his finger and stopped the guys heart. The guy collapsed into the snow. Grey put his hand down. Tears were streaming down his face. along with the rest of the class.

*Author's Note*

Heyo, This one came out quick but I was inspired pretty quick. It's very short, but very important to the plot. I hope you enjoyed. I got kinda sad writing it, It's not a go happy chapter in the slightest, but I think the story needed to become a bit less silly and become a bit more serious. Anyway don't forget to post your thoughts below. Thanks for your support. See you in the next chapter. Bye.

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