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Chapter: 10: Elle's Return & Silver's House of Wolves

It’s been three months since the death of Elle. Grey against his friend’s and mother’s advice returned to KN Academy to start the next school year. Without Elle, Grey has become more solitary and anytime he is not in school is spent training. Violet used this depression to train Grey more. Teaching him more techniques and making him not have to rely on his transformations. Grey no longer ever speaks, and even Akuma can no longer read his thoughts.

Grey Dovean

“Thundering fist!” Grey ran forward his hands balled into fists with lightning revolving around them. He slammed them into the chest of the simulation enemies. They dissipated as soon as he made contact. More enemies came rushing at him. “Shocking Explosive Wave” A dome of lightning appeared around him. All the enemies disappeared.

“Ready for round 2,169?” A robotic voice asked.

“Yes.” Grey responded. There was a commotion outside. “Wait.” Grey walked towards the door. Some kid busted in.

“You’re Grey right?” The kid said breathing heavy. Grey nodded. “There’s a guy who came through a portal looking for you in front of the school”

“Hmmm…”, Grey walked out and started making his way to the front door. Kids were staring at him.

“What do you think it is?” A voice in his head asked.

“You tell us, Lightning Deity” Violet said.

“I haven’t the slightest idea” Lightning Deity told him.

“We’re about to see LD” Grey said, “I sense something warm..” He walked out and saw a guy. He had spiky blood red hair with eyes of the same color. He had a sword on his back. He looked battered and beaten. His face was dirty and he had open wounds. In his hands he had sleeping cat. It was red with white tipped ears and tail. Grey’s eyes widened.

“You must be Grey, she described you a bit differently but those gray eyes are very distinctive, I’ve come to return your companion” The guy tossed the cat. It poofed into a girl in mid air. It was Elle. Grey jumped and caught her. “Tell her I said thank you when she wakes up, she’s a great girl, try keeping her alive this time.” The guy chuckled. He turned around, and opened a red portal.

“What’s your name?” Grey asked. The guy turned around and smiled.

“I’m Everett the Red Knight, until we meet again Grey Dovean” He waved and walked into the portal. It closed behind him.

Grey looked down at Elle. She was sleeping peacefully. He blinked as a tear ran down his right cheek. It fell onto her hand. Her eyes opened slowly. Her bright yellow eyes met his cloudy gray ones. “What the hell happened to your hair, you crybaby?” She asked. She grabbed at his gray hair. “Gray with purple tips, was this your dumb idea? Also why is it so long? It’s covering your face now.” Grey walked toward his dorm all the while listening to Elle nag him about how he looked. When they got inside she began bugging him about how dirty it was. He stayed silent as he walked into the room. He placed her in bed and closed the blinds. “Do you not talk now? That’s not cool you know, the silent type isn’t actually cool, that’s just in anime.”

` He looked at her and blinked. His eyes began to glow. He bit his lip. Elle smiled. “I missed you too.” He jumped onto her…

After Elle’s returned she trimmed Grey’s hair and realized that the hair color was natural. his tips always turned purple. He also informed her of the Lightning Deity a new personality that appeared after her death. She eventually got him talking again and cleaned him up. Everyone was glad that Elle returned. Elle told them about the adventures she’d been on while looking for Grey. With Everett, a princess, a little girl, and the Phoenix. All was well and Room 256 seemed itself again. Until Silver disappeared.

Silver Filtiarn Zitao

“Kichiro.” Silver walked into Kichiro’s office.

“Ah Silver, to what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked

“I need to go see my family”

“I see… will you be coming back?”

“I hope I can, I’ve gotten stronger, but I’m sure he has too.”

“Why not bring your friends?”

“I can’t involve them in this.”

“Hmmm… ok” Kichiro stood up and walked to the center of the room. He opened a portal. “Be safe, good luck”

“Thank you” She walked into it. She came out to a large white set of stairs. She began her long walk to the top. The stairs were surrounded by forest on each side. She jumped five steps at a time. It took her a few minutes to get to the top. There was a shrine at the top. She walked inside and saw a Shrine Maiden.

“Ms. Silver” The girl bowed.

“Hello Alana” Silver said as she walked through the shrine out to the back. There was a long path. She followed it. As she walked she saw wolves roaming around in the forest. As she passed they turned into humans and bowed. After a long walk she arrived at a small house. There was an old man sitting in a rocking chair. She walked up to him and fell to one knee. “I’m home father.”

“Welcome Silver, how have you been?”

“I’ve been very well, I’ve made friends for the first time”

“Well that’s great, I’m glad to hear.”

“How is he?”

“Your brother… he left home after last year.”


“He was upset about losing to you again and left”

“To where?”

“I have no idea.”

“Will he be here today?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, dear sister.” Silver heard a male voice behind her. She turned around to see a young man with with black hair and golden eyes. He had a black hoodie on and torn faded jeans. He had a group of guys behind him.



“Who are they?”

“Who? These guys?” He pointed to the guys behind him. “Oh they’re my new pack”

“You went to get a new pack, you disrespectful little shit” She stood up and balled her fists.

“Wait Silver.” Her Father said.

“What is it, I’d like to get this over with.” she said.

“Don’t be hasty, he has his own pack now, that means the rules have changed”

“How so?”

“You’re now not only fighting him, but his entire pack as well”

“What?!” She turned toward her father.

“Yes, you have to defeat all of his pack now.”

“Fine, I’ll kick all his friends asses too.” She clenched her teeth. She turned back around and got into a fighting stance.

“Good luck sister”

“Shut up.” She rushed at him. Two guys came from either side of her. She jumped back and dodged their attacks. Then another three appeared behind her. She ducked and slid behind them. There were about twenty of them. “Fuck this, Time Attack”

“Chrono Reversal” Nakata said with a grin. Silver froze. She couldn’t move anymore.

“What the hell?” Nakata rushed forward and slammed his fist into her gut.

“That move is useless on me, dear sister.” Silver stumbled back and was rushed by the pack. They took advantage of her vulnerability. There was a barrage of punches and kicks. When they backed off Nakata lifted her into the air by her hair.

“You’re pathetic.” Silver spit blood into his face.

“That’s not nice” He punched her. “Finally I get to finish you” His eyes began glowing. He Threw her up in the air.

“I’ll be taking this.” Jonathan appeared in the air above Nakata, caught Silver and rushed off toward the woods.

Nakata turned around and saw the class. “Who the hell are you?” He asked. Evangeline walked over and healed Silver.

“Why are you guys here?” Silver asked pushing herself out of Jonathan’s arms.

“Kichiro told us you might be in trouble” Jonathan said, “Looks like he was right, Whos’s that guy.”

“My brother, you guys cannot interfere”

“Too late for that” Zeke said pulling out his golden bat.


“I think Zeke’s right, we just healed you so we’re already in this, plus he has like twenty something friends and you’re just you.” Jonathan pulled out his axe.

“You guys can’t.”

“Shut up, let’s go.” Grey said walking forward with lightning revolving around his fists. The class ran forward. Nakata’s pack turned into large wolves and rushed towards the class. The wolves jumped back and forth knocking around the class. “Why the fuck are they so strong?”

“Stand down!” Silver yelled. The class jumped back behind her. “You idiots don’t stand a chance, they have definition of home court advantage, here only a wolf can defeat another wolf.”

“So we’re screwed?” Zeke asked.

“Yes.” She responded, “I have to admit defeat, you guys go home.”

“You’re not coming?”

“I can’t, those are the rules the female can only leave if she defeats her brother.”


“I’m stuck here till I can beat him again.”

“That’s stupid. We’re not leaving you here.”

“You can’t stay, you’ve already disrespected the house by even being here then, you interfered in its business.” Grey sat staring at the old man. “Why’re you just sitting there Grey?”

“hmmm…” Grey snapped and clouds appeared overhead. “That old man is giving you something”

“That’s my father Grey”

“Yeah, here” He snapped again and lightning hit Silver and her father. All the wolves started growling at Grey. When the flash ended both were fine. “Did it work?”

“I think so…”

“Alright” Grey stood and dusted himself off. “Use it.” Silver nodded. Her eyes began to glow.

“LEADER HOWL!” Silver turned into a wolf and let out and ear piercing howl. The class fell to their knees, holding their heads. They began turning into wolves. When is was over they howled with her. Grey was had light gray fur and purple eyes. The two groups of Wolves charged at eachother. The class quickly dispatched Nakata’s pack. When they were done they returned to human form and fell to the ground.

“That hurt like hell.” Zeke said holding his ribcage. Only Silver and Nakata were left. They rushed at each other and started exchanging blows. Silver’s K-nines began getting sharper as they went on. She grabbed his neck and slammed him to the ground. He jumped up and swung at her. Silver caught his arm and broke it over her knee. Then she kicked his ribcage in. He stumbled back coughing up blood.

“You sad sack of shit” She lifted him up by his collar. “You’ll never finish me, because you’ve been pathetic since the day you were born." She tossed him in the air, jumped up and slammed her leg into his side, sending him flying through the trees.

She landed and walked over to her friends.

“That’s quite a pack you have there” Her father said standing up.

“They’re not my pack”

“Then what are they?”

“My family”

“Haha I see, well what a wonderful family you’ve found, especially the one with the gray and purple, quite a force to be reckoned with” She looked over at Grey he was sitting cross legged petting Elle. He’d become a bit of a hippy since Elle left and came back.

“He is strong, but all of us are”

“I don’t think you understand…” Her father narrowed his eyes at Grey. “That one is not like any of you, he’s dangerous…”

“To the enemy.”

“To whoever he feels like, be careful with him, the fact that he even exists is dangerous.”

“I’m right here you know, old man” Grey looked up with his faded eyes.

“Hmmm… What are you boy?”

“I’m me” Grey stood up and started down the path, “See you guys at home.”

“Be very careful, Silver”

“Ummm… alright” Silver responded. Grey was acting weird, Grey was usually kind and respectful. Especially with Elle back he was almost his normal self. “Let’s go guys.” They all said goodbye and went on their way.

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