KN Academy- Room 256

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Grey and Elle, a sixteen year-old and his half human cat, arrive in Japan to attend the prestigious school, KN Academy. This is a school for people with superhuman abilities. Here students are placed into classes of ten or more and are sent to alternate universes as a group to fight whatever evil is in said universe. Follow Grey, Elle and the rest of his classmates in room 256, as they are sent on various missions in which the limits of their strengths are tested and their lives are put on the line. Along with the constant battle inside Grey's mind with the ancient killer that has been trapped within his body only to come out when Grey calls upon him.

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Chapter: 1: The Introduction

"Sir, sir", Grey woke up to the young flight attendants voice, "the plane has arrived, sir". Grey looked up at her with sleep still in his eyes.

"Thank you" he said in a low tone. He got up and grabbed his backpack. He then grabbed the animal cage that was placed on the seat on the right side of him. He walked off the plane on to the platform.

"It's time to wake up Elle", He said looking down at the cage in his hand.

"I told you not to wake me up until you took me out of this shitty little cage", Elle said. Grey sighed.

"Just wait till we get past security, okay", he responded. She groaned. Once they got past security, he put the cage down and opened it. A bright red cat with white tipped ears and a white tipped tail walked out. She stretched her legs then jumped on Grey's right shoulder.

"Finally", She said in a somewhat relieved tone," throw that thing away, next time we fly I gonna be in human form, I don’t care how much it costs you".

"It couldn't have been that bad", he said," you were asleep the whole flight anyway".

"That doesn't change the fact it was uncomfortable", she said slightly annoyed.

"Whatever, at least we made it here" Grey responded scratching her head gently, trying to comfort her. She began purring.

"So where are we heading now?" she asked.

"Well, now we have to look for the guy carrying a sign with Grey Dovean on it" He responded.

" Umm... all these signs are in Japanese, Grey", She said looking around at the crowd of people waiting with signs.

"Yeah", he began" I probably should have looked up my name in Japanese before coming to Japan". He looked around trying to find anything that could have resembled his name.

"Hey look there's one in English" Elle said nudging her head left. Grey looked over and saw a tall man with blonde hair holding a sign that said Gray Dovean. Grey clenched his fist.

"Why can no one spell my damn name" He grumbled. Elle rubbed her head against his. Grey sighed and walked over towards the man. "Hey", the man looked over at the sound of Grey's voice," I'm Grey".

"Oh" the man said with a bit of shock in his eyes, "pleasure to meet you Mr.Grey". He bowed."I'm Kichiro".

"Nice to meet you as well, Kichiro", Grey responded. Kichiro was still looking at Grey oddly."Is there something wrong".

"ah... no, its just that when I heard you were American I kind of expected you to be a bit bigger", Kichiro responded with a questioning look.

"Bigger?" Grey asked a bit confused. He was 5'11 with a bit of a muscular build so no one had ever really called him small.

"He expected you to be morbidly obese", Elle interrupted.

"Ah, I see", Grey said nodding his head. Kichiro was now staring at Elle.

"That cat", Kichiro said pointing," It just talked". Grey looked at Elle.

"Yes she did", Grey said with a smile on his face, " she tends to do that a lot, to much to be totally honest". Elle glared a Grey.

" I see", Kichiro said still a bit shocked," So its normal, okay well we should get going then, would you like me to take your bag".

"No, it's fine", Grey said. Kichiro nodded and started walking. Grey and Elle followed until they reached a black limousine. Kichiro opened the back door and motioned them in.

"Wow, fancy", Elle said

"Well it's not that shocking seeing as to how they put us in first class during the flight", Grey responded. Kichiro shut the door and walked to driver's side. The drive was long and silent because Grey and Elle were to busy looking out of the windows the whole time. Eventually the made a turn on to a driveway with a large golden gate at the end. The limo drove a little while longer after passing the gates. Once it stopped Kichiro got out and opened the door for them.

"Welcome to KN Academy", Kichiro said once they were out of the car. There were several students walking about and talking on the side walks and on the grass. "Your dorm will be over there", Kichiro pointed at a large red brick building," let me take you". The entrance had automatic double doors. The walls of the building were painted an azureish white and the carpet was a light bage. There were doors on each side that were spaced out about ten feet each.

"Your room is on the third floor" Kichiro said walking through the hallway. After they reached the third floor they walked to the end of the hallway. Kichiro pulled a silver card out of his pocket. "This is your key". He handed it to Grey. He then pulled another card from his pocket, this time it was golden.

"Is that the master key", Grey asked.

"Exactly", Kichiro said smiling. He walked to the last door on the hallway. "Here we are, Dorm 1420". There was a swipe lock like in hotels on the door. He swiped the gold card and the door clicked. He opened the door and motioned them in. Grey put the key in his pocket and walked in.

"Whoa", Grey said in shock as he looked around the dormitory. It was the large. It had a big living room with furniture already inside, along with a large kitchen with hard wood floors and marble counter tops and appliances as well. Grey walked into the bedroom. It had a king sized bed and a plasma screen T.V.

"Hmmm... Interesting", Kichiro said looking around as well.

"What, is it not supposed to look like this?" Grey asked.

"Well it's technically not supposed to look like anything", Kichiro responded.

"Eh... what does that mean" Grey said confused.

"Well the dorms are made to replicate the dream living space of the tenant, so I usually see large houses with multiple floors" Kichiro said" but your is a basic one floor bachelor type apartment".

"Maybe it's because there are two of us" Elle said" It probably had to compromise on things we both like".

"Well that would make sense", Kichiro said nodding," well I'll leave you two to get settled, I'll pick you guys up tomorrow and take you to the school. Kichiro walked out and shut the door. Elle jumped off of Grey's shoulder and on to the bed. In mid air she puffed into a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, She was sitting on the bed in her human form. She sat cross-legged with her tail waging slowly.

"I don't see why you cross your legs, Elle", Grey said while pulling some things out of his backpack.

"What do you mean", she questioned tilting her head as if trying to pretend she's clueless.

"Well I don't see the necessity to cross your legs when your sitting naked on the bed anyway" Grey looked up at her with an annoyed look on his face. Elle chuckled.

"So are you telling me you want me to spread for you", She said with a devious grin on her face. She then proceeded to move her legs apart slowly. Grey's eyes widened and his face turned bright red. He turned back to his backpack. She began to laugh and roll around on the bed. "Your face was priceless".

"Just put some clothes on", He said, his face still red.

"You know I don't understand why your still so embarrassed seeing me like this, especially since we've already been all the way", She said .

"Don't bring that up", Grey said clearly uncomfortable

"Oh, and why not, It's a great memory for me", She questioned, "You seemed like you were enjoying it".

"I only did it because you looked like you were in pain", He said.

"Other people's cats go into heat and you don't see them nailing their cats", She said smiling again, "I could have easily gone to one of the neighborhood strays".

"Hell no!", Grey said quickly," I wasn't going to let you go out there and get pregnant from one of those dirty fucks". Elle laughed again. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"I can't believe your treating some mangy cats as you rivals" She said still laughing" Don't worry even if you wouldn't have been willing, I would have just toughed it out". She patted his head." or I would have forced you". Grey looked up at her. She was no longer laughing.

"Why do I have a feeling you not lying" Grey said in a nervous tone. She got up jumped on to the bed again.

"I'm tired, let's go to bed" she whined

"Yeah, I was thinking the same, we have an busy day tomorrow", Grey said as he got onto the bed. Elle scooted closer to him and laid her head on his chest. She began purring. "Goodnight".

"Hey, Wake up kid it's time to go", Kichiro said at the side of Grey's bed. Grey opened his eyes slowly. He looked around and saw Elle back in cat form lying on his chest." I'll be waiting outside". Kichiro walked out. Grey picked up the still sleeping Elle and gently laid her on the bed. He walked to the bathroom and washed up then put on his clothes.When he got out of the bathroom he saw Elle laying awake in her human form.

" I don't see why you don't wake me up, you know I can't sleep if I don't feel the beat of your heart", Elle said while staring up a the ceiling.

"And vise versa, I can't sleep unless, I can feel you purring on my chest", Grey said putting on his black hoodie," don't you ever think we're a bit too attached to each other".

"I don't see the point in thinking that way, since even if we tried to separate ourselves we'd probably just end up giving in and coming back to each other", Elle said as she jumped onto Grey's shoulder turning back into cat form in mid air

"I guess you right about that one, after nine years it would be kinda dumb to try to separate", He said as he picked up his phone and put it in his pocket. He plugged his ear buds into the phone and pulled them under his hoodie and out of the top. He picked up the key and walked out the door of the dorm. He walked down the three flights of stairs and out the double doors of the dorm house.

"Ready?" Kichiro asked. Grey nodded. "Alright then lets go". They walked for a little while until they reached a giant white building." This is the school", Kichiro said pointing

"I could have figured that out" Elle said. They walked into the school. It had white tile floors and tan walls. There were students and teacher walking everywhere. They saw one kid whose head was on fire and another crawling on the ceiling.

"Usually new kids are shocked when they see the students", Kichiro started, "But you seem unfazed".

"Well when I was invited they did say they would have kids like me here so I'm kinda of prepared for anything", Grey responded.

"I see" Kichiro said. They walked up a couple of flights of stairs. "Here's your classroom, room 256". Kichiro knocked on the door.

"Come in", A gentle female voice said. Kichiro opened the door. "Ah, It's you Mr.Kichiro and....". She stopped and stared a Grey. The woman had flowing blonde hair that reached only a few inches beyond her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes her face was clear without even one blemish. She looked about 5'5 and had rather large proportions." this our new student". She said pointing".

"Yes he is Ms.Swarts", Kichiro respond stepping away from Grey. Ms.Swarts rushed at Grey with her arms open wide. She collided with him and wrapped her arms around him. She tightened her grip and began choking Grey.

"Ugh... c...c...can't breathe" Grey said struggling. She kept tightening her grip. "how is she so strong", Grey thought.

"You have to get yourself out Grey she won't let go unless you make her", Kichiro said.

"What" Grey said still struggling for air.

"Get her off of you if you don't she'll kill you" Kichiro said with a serious face.

"Okay", Grey said, "ma'am could you please let go of me".

"Not like that, force her off", Kichiro said getting a bit worried now.

"But, she's a woman, I don't want to hurt her", Grey said.

"If you don't you'll die" Kichiro said.

"I'm sorry", Grey said clearly not comfortable. Bolts of lightning began coursing around Grey's arms. He put his hand on her waist. "LIGHTNIG PULSE!", Grey yelled. The bolts rushed into his hands and shocked Ms.Swarts . She let go of Grey immediately. "Are you alright".

"Wow, that tickled", She said laughing. Grey stood in silence. To any normal person that attack could have stopped their heart, but she didn't even feel a bit of pain."Welcome to the class Grey, I'm your teacher Ms.Swarts". Grey stood silent, still at a lack for words.

"I've got work to do, so I'm gonna go" Kichiro said as he ran off. Ms.Swarts sighed.

"Well that officially makes ten students in the class" Ms.Swarts started" Which means... We can finally start missions".

"Missions?" Grey questioned.

"Just wait your question will be answered", Ms.Swarts said going to her desk. Grey looked around the classroom and noticed there were students there the whole time. They all seemed unaffected by what just happened. "Here we go" Ms.Swarts said in a excited voice. The ground began to shake.

"What's going on" Grey yelled trying to keep his balance. No one answered. After a couple of seconds, the shaking stopped. The students got up and walked out the door. One girl stopped in front of Grey and sighed. She had long straight black hair that reached her waist and dark green eyes. She wore a dark red tank top and a sleeveless jacket. On her hands she wore black fingerless leather gloves. She had a pair of black short shorts and large black boots with red laces. She had multiple ear piercings.

"I'm Kamilla" She said extending her hand. Grey shook it.

"I'm..." Grey started.

"Grey, yeah I remember", she interrupted." Now quit just standing there and c'mon". She walked out as well. Grey looked at Elle who was still on his shoulder. She nodded. Grey walked out. When they passed the door the hallway was no longer there, now the door served as an entrance to a large office. Everybody was standing in a line shoulder to shoulder as if in military formation." You stand over there". Kamilla pointed at the end of the line. He walked over to where she pointed. Next to him was deep black hair and a muscular build. Kamilla stood at the opposite end. They all stood looking at a man with bright green hair and light blue eyes who was sitting at a large desk in front of them. There was a woman standing next to him with some files in her hand. She had long light blue hair and bright green eyes. They looked like each other opposites. He lifted up his hand towards the woman. She put the files in his hand.

"Hello, my name is Mr.Blue",He began, "as some of you may know I am the Headmaster of this academy". Grey was a bit shocked. He expected the Headmaster to be an old, balding perv. " I have recently been informed that class 456 has accumulated ten students, which means that the class will now be allowed to go on missions and each student will be given a title".

"Title?" Grey thought.

"Now let us begin", Mr.Blue said, "First up, is Kamilla Fox". Kamilla stepped up." You were the first student to join this class, Your ability is called Infinite Memory, am I correct?". Kamilla nodded."This ability allows you to remember everything you've seen, tasted, heard, smelled, or felt since the beginning of you life". Kamilla nodded again." With this in mind your title will be The Maiden of Memory".

"Thank you, sir", Kamilla bowed and stepped back into the line.

"Next up is, Kurata Qiura" Mr.Blue said looking down at his files. A guy wearing a neon green hoodie and a dark blue jeans stepped up." You were the second student to join this class, You ability is called Mind Creation". Kurata nodded."This ability allows you to imagine something and create it in the real world, with that in mind we will give the title of The Fabulous Dream Creator".

"Thank you", Kurata said as he stepped back.

"Third is Zerok" Mr. Blue continued. A guy with brown hair stepped up. He was pretty muscular and was wearing a black suit." Your abilities are necromancy, and power nullification". Zerok blinked, "These abilities allow you to summon the dead, and take away another persons abilities for a short period of time. With that in mind you have gained the title of the Immortal Thief".

"Hmph", Zerok stepped back".

"Man this is already getting boring" Mr.Blue said, "how about you take my place for the next three, Ms.Green". The woman standing next to him looked down.

"Very well", She said. Mr.Blue got up and Ms.Green sat down." Next up is Rizz Yang". A girl wearing a red sweater and blue jeans stepped up. she had short bright red hair.

"She's like me I can sense it", Elle whispered, "She managed to preform the transformation without the ears or the tail, impressive".

"Your ability is called the black panther", Ms.Green continued," This allows you to become a black panther and use the strength and speed of one when you are a human, With that in mind you are given the title of The Black Panther". Ms.Green looked up at Mr.Blue. "Really, you couldn't think of anything more original". Mr.Blue shrugged.

"It's fine I like it, thank you", Rizz stepped back. Ms.Green sighed.

"Fifth is Akuma Okami" Ms.Green said looking back down at the files. A girl wearing a red hoodie stepped up. She was kind of short and had brown hair that reached down to her waist. "Your abilities are telekinesis and shape shifting, with these in mind Your receive the title of The Transforming Master of Minds".

"Thank you very much" Akuma said as she stepped back.

"Alright, Next is Johnathan Wayne", Ms.Green said. A buff guy with a thick beard wearing a sleeveless shirt and faded blue jeans stepped up." Your abilities are Steel blood, and armor summoning, these allow you to have almost impenetrable skin, and the ability to summon armor and a double-bladed axe on command, With these in mind your title shall be The Barbarian of Blood".

"Whatever", Johnathan said stepping back. Ms.Green then got up and let Mr.Blue sit down.

"Next is Fire", He said with a sigh. A beautiful girl stepped up. She had hair that was a mixture of orange and red like flame "You ability is flame manipulation, That allows to create and use fire in anyway you want, With that in mind you receive the title of The Chilled Flame".

"Alright", Fire said as she stepped back.

"Brimstone" said. A guy with white hair stepped up. He was wearing a black short sleeve shirt and a pair of skinny jeans." Your ability is being able to use the strength and speed of a demon along with the ability to turn into one, with this in mind you receive the title of The Soul Stealer". Brimstone stepped back without a word.

"Next is Silver Filtiarn Zitao" Mr.Blue said. A girl with with long black hair stepped up. She was wearing a leather jacket, black tights, and black boots. "You have the ability to turn into a wolf and the ability to control time, with these in mind you gained the title of The Howling Master of Time". Mr.Blue got up and motioned Ms.Green into the seat. She sat down.

"Last, but not least are Grey and Elle Dovean" Ms.Green said.

"What, me too", Elle asked.

"Indeed, You two are treated as one here", Ms.Green said.

"Okay", Elle said.

"Your ability is Lightning Transcendence", Ms.Green said, "This ability allows you to create lightning an conduct it through your body, Along with that, the more damage you sustain the stronger you lightning becomes, with this in mind You are given the title of The God Slayer".

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Really good!

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