BeyBlade V-Force

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Japanese Title

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade

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Adventure Comedy Fantasy Kids Sports


Taking place one year after Beyblade 2000, the Bladebreakers have reunited to take on two new teams, Team Saint Shields and Team Psykick. The Saint Shields's goal is to seal the Bit-Beasts from the world to stop a global event, that occured long ago. While Psykick contain Cyber Bit-Beast dobblegangers to the Bladebreakers and wish to carry on the same goal. There were several changes made in this season that differentiated from the original series; the animation and character designs took a simpler, more stylised approach, and computer generated animation was used for Beybattles. The Bit-Beasts were also given color rather than their ghost-like appearance. A new main character, Hilary Tachibana, was added to the regular cast. The name was changed due to the fact that it was no longer 2002 when it aired in the West. It was aired as Beyblade V-Force on ABC Family in the summer of 2003. A video game based on it was released called Beyblade: V-Force - Super Tournament Battle.