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Adventure Fantasy Mystery


Dot Hack Sign or .hack//Sign is my personal favorite and the first of the .hack// trilogy this ark centers around a young boy who is trapped inside of a video game this video game uses helmets that reads the brain waves that a person gives off to improve on handling a controller is also used for basic moves. It starts out the boy following a mysterious floating cat character to a treasure chest at the end of a dungeon the cat leaps behind the chest and vanishes the boy opens the chest and a large dumbbell pops out and spears the boy. This is the instance the boy is trapped the boy wakes up later in the dungeon without any memory of his former life except for his name and that hes playing a game. As he tries to log out he cannot and he has no control over his body. A girl appears and begins questioning him, not knowing how to respond he replies I don't care and warps out using a special item that warps him to the entrance. Threw-out the story he comes to meet the same girl several times over and they eventually become friends along with several other people. If he dies in this world its believed he will die in real life seeing as how he feels pain. The dumbbell from the first episode takes the place of his guardian. With a seemingly infinite life and attack it goes undefeated for most of the anime. As the story progresses he finds a hiding spot that's not suppose to exist within the game led there by the mysterious cat character a small area with no monster an area were you cannot be killed but can still feel pain the only thing in this area is a mysterious sleeping girl all white on a floating bed with a teddy bear. Later he learns the girls name Aura but she keeps sleeping. As the story progresses him and his friends begin searching for a mysterious item that's not suppose to exist called the Key of the Twilight. Several story's about the key exist that it can open the door to a new part of the game or it can re-wright the game itself or that the possessor gaining infinite health and attack or even beat the game (The game having no end just an ordinary mmorpg) but they sudjest that its the most likely way to return him to the real world. Eventually the group splits into two as his closest friends want to return him to his world but the others want to use it to gain power or wealth within the game. As the story progresses farther in their search for the Key of the Twilight he breaks several rules of the game set up by a group of pc's (player characters) in the game called the Crimson Knights (A group given special gear and rights by the game admins in-order to keep peace and fair play within the game) Who poste Wanted signs all over the game and message boards (in game email). Later word spreads that he cannot log out of the game and people begin to believe that hes some kind of special quest boss or something similar and as that gets around people come from all over The World (the name of the game) to defeat him in groups of Manny but his guardian defends him and no one ever gets close. later on people begin to calm down calling him the unbeatable quest/boss. Later as the search continues it leads them to another area of the game This area was originally suppose to be deleted but the precess was stopped halfway threw by the creator of the game and taken off of the game areas they get here by entering the original location within the game and hacking the game itself. Inside the game they find a door were supposedly the Key of the Twilight is hidden but as they go inside all they find is an old may glitched repeating the same thing over and over the other party searching for the Key of Twilight finds the door first and hearing the message leaves this causes a chain reaction causing the area to be deleted. Then as they leave the catch up with the others on there way out telling them about it but they keep going on hearing the message they say ok lets leave but Tsukasa (the main character that cant log out) replies wait you mean that girl that's sleeping looking surprised everyone stairs at him not knowing what hes talking about. Then to everyone's surprise the man stops repeating himself and says wait you know my daughter and he says yes then the man replies would you pleas deliver to her this message and gives him a message after he finishes he says go now you must hurry! After that the leave but running off the area deletes too fast for them and they all fall into the empty void dieing. Tsukasa re-spawns in the room with the girl but she is gone. After a few surprising twists that are too much to explain Tsukasa shows up and everyone is relieved he isn't dead he takes them to the mysterious area that he was hiding in and they begin a search for the girl.